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About Us

We are a diverse community of seekers. The Richmond Meeting is united in dedication to testimonies, but not bound by any creed.

Richmond Friends Meeting is “un-programmed.”
There is no conventional program to our worship. We have no designated minister, pre-arranged prayers, sermons, or hymns.

We gather in silence awaiting an ever deepening awareness of the Spirit.  At times individuals may have thoughts and feelings that are strong, clear, and Spirit-led. These are sometimes spoken aloud, yet an entirely silent meeting is common and cherished.

Richmond Meeting operates with Quaker Process.
With no minister, community members do all of the work of meeting. Committees handle areas of responsibility, and on the third First Day (Sunday) of each month, the entire community joins in the Monthly Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business. The person who convenes and reports on each is the “committee clerk.” The person facilitating monthly Business Meeting is the “clerk of meeting.”

About Quakers in Richmond

Richmond Friends Meeting (RFM) organized in 1795, and soon built its first Meeting House at 19th and Cary Street in Church Hill. This was the second oldest “church” in Richmond. We have a long history of religious observance and social justice within the Richmond community. In 1995, we celebrated our 200th birthday. More history

See also this overview of Quaker history and George Fox’s biography.